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Support Hours

Support Business Hours: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM (CST) Monday – Friday

Phone: 612-343-0404 Option 2

*All critical issues will be addressed ASAP, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Critical issues handled outside of normal business hours will be billed at the after-hours rate.

*Non-critical issues submitted after 7 PM CST will be addressed the following business day.

After Hours Support

On Call:Ben Coutts

Billable Support Policy

Criteria for determining billable vs non-billable status.:

  1. If WithoutWire has customized your code per a change request or project charter and there are issues with it. The time Wow spends to support any customized code is billable regardless of whether it is an issue that we inadvertently introduced.
  2. Technical questions regarding integration, or underlying logic of the WithoutWire system that is not commonly found in sources including, but not limited to: WithoutWire Knowledge Base, other technical documents, project charters, FAQ documents internal to WithoutWire will be billable.
  3. Issue with 3rd party software WOW integrates with such as shipping, EDI or manufacturing software is billable.
  4. Client requests assistance from WithoutWire to manipulate data, training, physical inventory, etc. is billable.
  5. Networking, computers, handhelds, connectivity, routers, firewalls and related issues are considered billable.
  6. If your organization uses SmartConnect or other Integration Middleware and base maps provided by WithoutWire are broken, then the time is NOT billable, but if custom integrations stop because of data or ERP or server, then it is billable.
  7. If your organization uses base WithoutWire API’s and they stop working as intended at the time of Go-Live, then this is NOT billable, but if we spend time to support custom API’s developed for your organization, then it is billable.

This may not always cover every situation as some cases/issues may be unique in which case they would be evaluated by our support/management team on billable status. Also, Billable criteria may differ per individual client agreements. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact WithoutWire.

Notable Recent Changes


  1. Business hours have extended by 2 hours to 7am to 7pm
  2. When creating or responding to a case after hours users will be prompted with a message to determine whether afterhours support is required.
  3. After creating or responding to a case a system message will be placed on the case indicating whether after hours support was required.